Report a Union Buster

If you hear anything about strange home-visits or members being encouraged to drop out of the union, share what you’ve heard so we can spread the word.  Share your experience

Who’s behind these union-busting attacks anyway?

The Dark Money Behind the War on Working FamiliesA small band of billionaire family foundations provides the dark money behind this assault on working families, using state legislatures and court cases such as Janus v. AFSCME to achieve their goals. Learn More

Who's Funding the War on Families?For decades, the ultra-wealthy and large corporate barons have engaged in a deliberate campaign to preserve and expand their economic and political power by attacking the rights of working people. Individually and collectively, this small band of billionaires provides a seemingly endless funding stream to right-wing groups and foundations. Learn More

Who Are the Far-Right Policy Operatives in Your State?The State Policy Network (SPN) is an umbrella organization of right-wing think tanks and ultra-conservative nonprofits that functions as a clearinghouse for public policy advocacy at the state level. Their goal is to legitimatize the assault on working families. The SPN operates in 49 states, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico, Canada and the United Kingdom. Learn More


Picture of Sticking With My Union stickerLet would-be union busters know that you are sticking with your union! Print out these stickers on an Avery Label 22808 and share them with your co-workers.

AFT BustingUnion-busting campaigns are using any means necessary to deprive your union of resources, even ramming an anti-union case through the US Supreme Court. They just don’t want us to have the ability to push for progressive reforms in our society. Print out this flyer and write in the social justice issue you are addressing instead of busting your union. Download

AFT BustingDoor-to-door and online union-busting messaging focuses on “giving yourself a raise.” Those billionaire-funded canvassers won’t admit it, but when they say “drop your union membership, give yourself a raise,” what they mean is: “may this be the last raise you ever get.” AFT members value their negotiated contracts and their united voice. It’s how we fight for student achievement and access to high-quality public schools, for example. Print out this flyer and write in what makes sticking with your union “worth it.”

Social Shares

Let your family, friends, and colleagues know that you are sticking with your union and won’t be fooled by union-busting field agents and their billionaire backers! Download the UNION sign and use #IamAFT & #AFTAllin when posting or personalize the sample messages for your social media feeds.

Union sign